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An Academic Media Outlet

from The Slavic Connexion

What started out as a weekly podcast recorded by four UT students who had no idea what they were doing has evolved into an academic media outlet with a dedicated team of talented individuals.

We wanted to build a platform where scholars of Slavic studies (broadly understood), at all stages of their careers, can have their research and writings digitally published and made available to audiences globally. There is so much interesting and exhaustively researched material coming from academics all around the world which appear only in academic journals for an academic audience. While peer-reviewed journals certainly retain their importance, scholars in today's modern landscape have a responsibility to connect with audiences outside the academic bubble.
We are rethinking the Ivory Tower, rethinking what 21st century education and academic publication should be, and we are committed to excellence in digital scholarship for a general audienceWe love sharing, learning, and discovering from scholars and are always open to submissions and interview requests for The Slavic Connexion.

Drop us a line if you would like your work featured. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Team (2023-24 academic year)

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