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Please note the categories in which we are currently accepting submissions and then use the form to send us your work. In all cases, as an academic media outlet, we are broadly focusing on research and op-eds related to Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia, broadly defined. Furthermore, we appreciate if all historical research is relevant in some way to current events, and conversely, if all current events material is connected back to history. In all cases, please include verifiable sources. We look forward to reading your amazing scholarship!

Triumphal Arch Brussels


Includes any and all historically related subjects, such as anthropology, sociology, area studies. 

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Silhouette of Soldiers

Politics & Current Events

Includes any modern-day event or area of concern (politics, economy, government, industry, etc.) that can be related to the region of focus. For op-eds, in particular, please provide historical context and sources.

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Cinema neon sign


Includes anything related to the arts (music, literature, theater, dance, visual arts, etc.), language, and more. As always verifiable secondary and/or primary sources are required.

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Submissions Form

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